An ant dying following the pesticide spraying of a house.
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Andrew McGregor is a journalist, filmmaker, and artist residing in Los Angeles while waiting for the next renaissance to hit. He is the president and founder of The Tiziano Project (, an NGO dedicated to bringing online, multimedia community journalism to war zones and parts of the world that do not receive enough coverage. He is also the founder of the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club ( that works to popularize chessboxing in America while throwing events and competitions to benefit charity. He also co-founded the Graphation Film Festival (, a touring festival that helps people adapt short films into comic books and graphic novels. His photographs are regularly featured in LA galleries and he is an active member of The Hive Gallery and Studios ( He earned a B.A. in philosophy from Connecticut College and holds master’s in screenplay writing from the University of Southern California’s School of Professional Writing.

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12/05/07: masisi-eleven-guns.mp3


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